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1_AD (Now known as hey4rlo) is a former member of Grocery Gang who debuts in The truth behind Roblox's creepiest group....


In his debut video, Albert is invited by 74j to a new place made by 1_AD. When Albert joins the server, 1_AD tells Albert he will be the tour guide along with 74j. 1_AD shows Albert "the beep boop machine" and is told to pull the lever twice. Albert eventually pulls the lever twice and is then asked to click the picture below him. He clicks it and then is asked to name a snake (which he names Greg) and he is then asked to feed him. Throughout the video, he gets commands by 1_AD for what to do in the new place. Later in the video, Albert is asked to do a tricky maze but before he can do that, 1_AD and 74j have a chat if he can do it. They eventually let him do it but he can't look up during it. 1_AD then says he is very smart but Albert finds a hidden place and 1_AD is proud and says "You have proved possitives in all ur answers" and 1_AD is happy. But there was one last task 1_AD made Albert do (which was follow an arrow.) He eventually does that but then is kicked with the message "LONSTUD IS TAKING US BACK, DONT TRY TO STOP US."


  • The truth behind Roblox's creepiest group...
  • We trolled Roblox noobs who were simply minding their own business


  • 1_AD is married to another former member of Grocery Gang, Fiddlepat.
  • In We trolled Roblox noobs who were simply minding their own business, Real KingBob and him faced off against Albert and Kaden in UNO.
  • He is currently a friend of Albert, and sometimes appears in some of his Roblox Videos.