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-Arceidan profile description

Arceidan (Formerly known as JensenAkles1) is a Roblox user who first joined Roblox on January 28, 2020, two days before his appearance in Albert’s video Using Roblox ADMIN to terrify people at night....


He wore the classic bacon hair skin with two ear rings. jensenAkles1 made his first and only appearance in the video, which has become one of Albert’s most popular videos. He was seen asking thereal_crayb to be his friend, which he agreed to. Albert took notice, and went over to them. Once Albert got to them, JensenAkles1 asked his friend, "Do you like my Sawnick rings?" (sawnick being the misspelled version of sonic). "Sawnick rings" refers to the Ring collectibles from Sonic the Hedgehog games. Albert went to look over to his profile and found in his description, “THESE ARE SAWNICK RINGS NOT EAR RINGS! GET IT RIGHT!!” Albert, finding this amusing, decided to mess with Jensen a little bit. He private messaged thereal_crayb to call jansenakles1’s sawnick rings, ear rings. Thereal_crayb agreed, and called them ear rings. Jensen took offense to this and replied “no they’re sawnick rings.” Albert then made a passing player call them ear rings as well. Jensen, again, retorted, so Albert decided to give Jensen the worst scare of his life. He made every single player in the game, including Jensen himself, say “EAR RINGS” multiple times. He kept spamming this, and Jensen repeatedly became more and more distressed, saying lines like “THEYRE SAWNICK RINGS”, “SHUT UP!”, “NO!”, “GET IT RIGHT!”, and various other screams. Jensen tried to insult the chat by saying his Sawnick rings were to big to hear the haters. Albert then nuked the server, causing Jansen and thereal_crayb to find out where the “hacker” was. Since then, he seems to have found out about his fame, and has customized his avatar without the Sawnick rings. It is unknown whether Jensen was a true noob, or just pretending to be a noob, considering he now seems to have robux and has completely changed his avatar to look nothing like a default skin.



  • It is presumed that his former username is based on Jensen Ackles, a famous American Actor.
  • Jensen only has two friends on Roblox, one being thereal_crayb (the friend he made in Albert’s video), and the other being an inactive noob account.

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