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"Bananas, you need to make him more powerful" - Albert talking to Banunos

Banunos (known as TmlnZ2E before termination), nicknamed Bananas by Albert) is the creator of the Robot 1004 robot and the "Roblox but it's inside Roblox" game.


Banunos is a Roblox developer. He created the Robot_1004 bot and the "Roblox but it's inside Roblox" game, which lets players remotely control Robot_1004 through a Virtual Computer and a virtual WASD. He also added a game pass so, if you paid enough Robux, you could teleport the bot to your linked games.

He played along with Flamingo in the 100 people controlled ONE ROBLOX PLAYER... video.

A few days after the video, Banunos took down the "Roblox but it's inside Roblox" game, but created another game with the exact concept, but with a more complex keyboard. After a few weeks, Banunos took down the game again due to lack of popularity.


One day, Banunos' account got terminated from Roblox. The reasons due to his termination are probably due to the fact that when decoding the word "TmlnZ2E" by Base64, it will translate to the N-Word.


  • Banunos is a suspect for being the person who controlled the bots by Bloxiphant.
    • A lot of people, including KonekoKitten, think Roblox banned his game when, in fact, banunos took it down due to lack of popularity. His username TmlnZ2E" translates to the n-word in Base64 that is a possible reason why he was terminated.