Bloxiphant (birth name Gerald Barkley, now known on Roblox as '000_burg'.) was a bot maker that has hacked many accounts using hidden viruses in some Roblox Studio items,  so to follow YouTubers with hacked bots. Albert has been a target of Bloxiphant along with other YouTubers such as KonekoKitten and Nathorix.


Bloxiphant uses the Linen skin colour with the ROBLOX Boy body type. He has the basic smile face with Brown Charmer Hair on his head. He wears the Guitar Tee-with Black Jacket and the Black Jeans with Sneakers.


Bloxiphant is a bot maker who has been discussed in Someone made Roblox BOT accounts to SPY ON ME..., Roblox's SPY BOTS are a serious problem..., and I met the hacker behind the SPY BOTS... The bots followed YouTubers in-game and would give you a warning and mention the name "Gerard Barkley”. After some investigation by Albert, it turns out Gerard Barkley had a twitter account. He also searched up the name Bloxiphant on Roblox and found him. He eventually became one of Albert's friends and one of the only people that Flamingo follows on mrflimflam. Ever since then, the bots have been stopped.


  • Bloxiphant probably has a YouTube channel under his name , which contains four videos, two of them asking people with distorted audio titled "Stop". The third video is some type of video with a Middle-Eastern title. It is unconfirmed whether this channel belongs to him.
  • There are many theories of who is behind Bloxiphant. Some suggest that it was Banunos who created Robot 1004. There is another theory that yQxR is also Bloxiphant.
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