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ChillVille is a fictitious fortified city-state in the Roblox story game (camping game) Attack on Albert.


ChillVille appears to be a fortified city-state with several houses and a giant castle (Fort Chill). It is located inside the walls so the citizens don't get destroyed by the felipes, which are roaming outside the walls. The city has a giant castle where Albert lives and makes YouTube videos.

At some point, the walls were breached by the giant Cleetus allowing the Felipes to enter ChillVille and rampage through the city, forcing the citizens and players to evacuate. At some point order was brought back to ChillVille and the city became a safe place again, it is unknown what happened, but it is possible that the military forces repelled the hordes of the Felipes.


ChillVille has a small efficient military force led by Sergeant Major Lieutenant Captain Commander, McChillington to deal with the Felipes within and beyond the Walls. The military has several military men and women such as McChillington and Kyle. McChillington sometimes goes outside the walls to make sure some people haven't left, but most of the military stay inside. In the event of the wall being breached, the citizens will be evacuated and the Military will stay, march towards the breached areas (with varying forms of success) and form defenses to fight back the Felipes.




  • ChillVille appears to be set in an ambiguous time period. Evidence of this can be found throughout the game such as the city being set in a medieval theme, but also contains some modern era assets such as computers, cameras, machines and firearms.
  • The city shares a striking resemblance to the city in Survival the Albert the Killer.
  • The ChillVille is possibly based on the Shiganshina District from the anime Attack On Titan.
  • There was a glitch when the military force supposedly "coolly" march in a straight line with their swords drawn. But one of the soldiers glitched and fell to the ground and began kicking the air while pretending to continue marching forward.