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"It's time to chillax."
— The description of this face on the roblox catalog.

The Chill Face is a face that was popularized by Albert in his videos, which caused it to turn into a meme in the Roblox community, especially with Albert's fans. This face can be called "Ugly" or "Disgusting" but it can also be called "Hot" or "Beautiful" or "Sexy".


Chill is a face that was published into the catalog by ROBLOX on January 14, 2009. It can be obtained for free. As of December 30, 2019, it has been purchased 41,848,886 times and favorited 230,827 times.


  • The face was published on January 14th, 2009, which means that the face is 12 years old as of January 18, 2021.
  • It is one of several Roblox faces that are free.
  • It is the second best selling face on Roblox, after Silly Fun.
  • It is the logo of the enemy of the Check it Corporation, the Chill Insurgency, based on the SCP Chaos Insurgency.
  • It was shown and wear by most of the inhabitants of ChillVille, most famous wearer is McChillington.
  • Flamingo has said it himself that it's a dead meme, as in one of his videos he comments on people saying "YO TENGO" and "STILL CHILL" with: "that was 2 years ago, let it go."