Cleetus Aretz[1] is a persona of the Mrflimflam account who first debuted in ROBLOX... THIS IS SO SAD 😭 😭 😭 😭.


Cleetus uses the tan skin option with the ROBLOX Boy Right Leg, the ROBLOX Boy Left Leg, the ROBLOX Boy Right Arm, the ROBLOX Boy Left Arm, and the Penguin Torso. He wears the Goofball face and the Laid-Back Cowboy Hat. He is also depicted to be wearing no shirt but overalls called the Cleetus Overalls. (originally the HillBilly Overalls)


When Albert takes on the persona of Cleetus, he acts kind of like a highly stereotypical country folk. He is also known for him disrespecting orders (mostly in military groups) as seen in ROBLOX CLEETUS RAID where he disrespects the orders of the guards and goes through the border. He also has a hatred for pigeons as he killed his son because of it.


Cleetus is a country folk who likes to hunt and hang with his former son, Cleetus Jr. He is known for being one of the most popular personas created by Albert along with GeanaSHUTUPSCDFIOJKN and Girlwithabigheart2.


Cleetus and his son, Cleetus Jr, were going on a journey to hunt a pigeon. They eventually found a pigeon but Cleetus Sr. rushed for his shotgun and accidentally shot his son three times, killing him. He suffered trauma and hasn't recovered from the incident since.

The Trial

Cleetus Sr. was arrested for the killing of his son, Cleetus Jr. and was sent to a mental facility after his trial for the crime. This was where he met his future wife "Olga". They later dated then married and lived happily ever after.


  • Cleetus is one of two people in the Albert series to get a Youtooz figure. You can buy it here.
  • He reveals in Roblox's disturbing castle... that he was raised on a barn.
  • The group where Cleetus got the HillyBilly Overalls is locked.


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