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Crimson0 was Albert's first account. He was first mentioned in How Roblox USED to Look.


Crimson0 joined Roblox on 3/10/2008. It is the very first ever Roblox account Albert ever made with the user ID of 234332. Albert created Crimson0 when he was 10 years old. When Albert was active on it, he told people to watch his new videos on his channel. On December 25th, 2017, he was hacked by LowZones and then terminated for being "compromised".

On January 19, 2018, Albert discussed that Crimson0 was hacked into and banned by LowZones in the video READING MY OLD CRINGEY ROBLOX MESSAGES (from 10 years ago) at 0:45.

On January 28, 2018, in the video ROBLOX DELETED MY ACCOUNT FOR NO REASON at 7:15 Albert manages to recover Crimson0 back and change the password, but the account was already closed for being "compromised".

On November 23, 2019, in the video Albert / Flamingo plays OLD ROBLOX Albert played and showed old Roblox games and his old accounts. At 2:43 he mentions about Crimson0, "Crimson0 was my original account then someone hacked it and got it banned and deleted"

On September 14, 2020, Albert uploaded the video The Albert / Flamingo Q&A !! at 6:47 there was the question on how Albert had found out about Roblox. Albert answered by stating that the Roblox user confly994 asked him to play Roblox with him in the 5th grade and then Albert did.

Archive of Crimson0's Profile, here you can view his profile as it was before deletion.

Another archive of Crimson0's profile from October 5, 2015.

Another archive of Crimson0's profile from September 6, 2017.

Another archive of Crimson0's profile from March 25, 2008. His description: "Yo, just call me Crim enjoy the place I have for you I will accept all friend requests cuz I'm lonley :( i <3 you all!!^_^"

You can still visit Crimson0's place "Goldeen, Goldeen!". Here is an archive of the game from March 25, 2008, and it was titled "CTF Gunner€" with the description: "Its a CTF game between the teams: Red and Blue. Make your way through this CTF game with your rocket launcher"

Other videos that featured Crimson0 were ROBLOX'S FUNNIEST BANS and WHAT ROBLOX TEACHES KIDS... (goes wrong)