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Destruction Physics is a Roblox game with the main purpose of destroying the map in the game created by quinowenryanjen  Schnogrind, PrintedScript, and 4J3K. The game is a remake of Tear Down and first appears in ROBLOX TEARDOWN...


Based on Teardown

Private servers are free! 

This game has VR support


The main purpose of game is to destroy the map. You can use givens tools to destroy the map or car.


Tools are the main way to destroy the map.

List (Does not include Game Passes)

  • Sledge
  • Breach Charger
  • Pistol
  • Air Shot Gun
  • Btools

Game Passes

Sticky Bomb (Cost: 200)

Description: A large bomb that sticks to surfaces before exploding.

A bomb that can stick to objects including players and whole map.

BoomBox (Cost: 150)

Description: aw yeah

A Boom Box that can play music. Self Explanatory.

Gold Sledge (Cost: 300)

Description: gold sledge yobreaks things bigger and can also break metal yoo

Better version of in-game Sledge.

Super Shotgun (Cost:300)

Description: Destroy everything in your path with this super powerful shotgun.

A shotgun that is used to destroy a map.