"You are going down, got it? >:o"
— Dhyrbfyty's about on her alternate account, zombieinvader1234.

Dhyrbfyty (possible real name Chloe Alley Cortez) was Albert's first girlfriend on ROBLOX, who has been mentioned by Albert in his videos.


Dhyrbfyty appears to have the Light Orange color scheme with the normal smile face and is seen wearing the Ribbons hat. She is also seen to be wearing the spy dress and the Black Gloves.


Dhyrbfyty made her account on the 2nd of February, 2008, over a month before Albert joined ROBLOX and made Crimson0, his first ROBLOX account. She has been famously mentioned in videos such as Stalking my roblox ex girlfriend from 10 years ago and I sent a hate message to my Roblox girlfriend from 10 years ago....

In My CRINGEY old Roblox account..., a message from about 10 years ago by her states that there was rain pouring in "main" (presumably the state Maine).


From this Albert presumed that she lived in Maine and the person he read the message before was going to Maine so he could meet up with her. She also had an alternate account called "zombieinvader1234" where she and Albert still talked, especially about her back pain. According to Albert, she looked like the "perfect woman" from back then since hair didn't exist, and bows were the closest way to identify as a woman on ROBLOX.

Personal Life

A Robloxian who goes by hovacmc speculated various personal details on Discord based on the models she has made.

Her free model

"If you go to one of her models, you'll find her family rebuilt by her on 7/25/2008 at 8:52:40 PM, the description explains: "my family my brother is Chris Ethan,my baby sister is Emma Cortez,my mom is Jennifer Cortez and I'm Chloe Alley."

It is unclear whether or not this model is based on her real family, but it is presumed to be. More proof on this being her family though, would be her other models, also stating this being her family.


On January 25, 2020, Dhyrbfyty got her account terminated for unknown reasons. Albert discusses this in My Roblox girlfriend got BANNED... on January 30th, 2020.


There are currently several theories on the cause of the termination of her account:

  • In My Roblox girlfriend got BANNED... Albert and Temprist speculate that a viewer hacked her account, however by checking the last time she was online they discover nobody has accessed the account since 2008.
  • She may have exposed personal information through her "The Ethan, Cortez, Alley family my family" model however Roblox claims no responsibility for the exposure of personal information by a user, and therefore this theory was debunked.
  • Her username "Dhyrbfyty" contains "fy" which is internet slang for "f*** you." Although it may seem likely, it was debunked as you can easily bypass the word "fy" in your username.
  • Her username also contains "bf" the word bf is internet slang for "boyfriend" bf could be another reason she got banned, as when you try saying "bf" in-game it is censored.
  • As mentioned in the first theory, her account was not accessed since 2008. It is very common for Roblox to terminate accounts that have not been active on Roblox for a long time.


  • Dhyrbfyty's account has been archived by a website called "RBLX.Trade" which is a place where you can view peoples terminated accounts. [1]


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