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DoctorWhatPHD is both a Fictional Character and a Real account in Roblox. He takes place as one of the protagonists in a fan-made story about Su tart.


Roblox game made me date him...

After Su tart gets killed by CREEPY, Su tart dad tries to do something to help. He browses in the web and sees a Ad for a scientist. He hires him, DoctorWhatPHD comes to his house and Su tart's dad tells him to build a Time Machine.

After building it, He gets ready to sent Su tart's dad back to the past, and then CREEPY appears, but it is too late, DoctorWhatPHD activates the Time Machine and sends Su tart's dad to the past, in order to stop Su Tart from being killed.


  • In Roblox, he is friends with 0CROWNED, which created the Saddest Roblox story series, along with CREEPY and traT uS.
  • He has a YouTube Channel called "Ben and Doug"