"It's Earthworm Sally. Carrying diseases from Florida to Cali. "
— Earthworm Sally's theme song.


SisterShank23 (known on Robloxian Highschool as Earthworm Sally) is an earthworm created by Albert . She made her debut in My weird Roblox avatar made people VERY UNCOMFORTABLE...


Earthworm Sally is an earthworm who tries to make friends. However, her attempts always fail, as nobody likes her.

As stated in her theme song, Sally carries 3 diseases, which she spreads from Florida to California.

On july of 2020, Earthworm Sally got his own Admin Commands in the Paradise Life Roblox game. In the Admin Command, Earthworm Sally has several abilities such as spreading diseases through barrels, killing players, becoming a apple, devouring players and she is also capable of using dirt as a weapon to kill players. Albert used the Admin Commands to kill several players through the map.

List of appearances


  • A few minutes after her creation, Sally was given a bling bling chain. She later took it off.
  • She is upset that "perm" is the only word that rhymes with worm.
  • Sally is also a barber that will do your hair.
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