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The Flamingo Fandom is a fandom that exists in the Flamingo channel that has many types of people. The fandom has been spreading across the Roblox community making it one of the most popular Roblox fandoms ever.


Before the Flamingo Fandom, there was a fandom of the AlbertsStuff channel. It was smaller than the Flamingo community, but it still got across the community. The AlbertsStuff fandom consisted of mainly trolls which spread across to other YouTubers making trolling a prominent feature in the AlbertsStuff channel. After Albert abandoned the AlbertsStuff channel, he switched to the Flamingo channel which made an even bigger fanbase that has grown throughout the years Flamingo has been active.

People in the Flamingo Fandom

The Flamingo Fandom has a very big fandom that is separated into many groups. While this list may not contain all, it contains some of the most notable.People in the flamingo fandom tend to say stuff like "E" and "get noob" a lot,because those are bassically the channel mottos.


Interpretation of a troller. They normally use what is trending in the Flamingo community with things that they can think up of from what items they have.

Out of all of the people in the Flamingo Fandom, the trollers are probably the most common. They normally like to do what Albert does so they can also have some fun. They normally dress up in an avatar that is the most popular in the Flamingo community. They mostly wear outfits that resemble Cleetus or anything that is trending in the Flamingo Community. The games they mostly play are café games, as they are the most easiest way to get people mad as the café games normally have a policy that makes trolling forbidden. The trollers normally say something silly and something unrelated with the order which gets the employee mad and eventually they have to kick them. Café games are not the only place the trollers can mess around as they also go to other places where its easy to make people mad.


Developers are people who create games on Roblox. There are some people in the Flamingo Fandom who have created games. The most common games are Su Tart Story games which consist of the titular protagonist Su Tart doing what the title says. Notable people who have created games in the Flamingo Fandom include haydentheminecraft and IMakeBadStories with the Su Tart Story games, Floo_d with Cleetus, and bnxDJ with The Chill Elevator.

"Twitter Activists"

The Twitter Activists are the kind of people that are associated with Albert by the online app, Twitter. They usually contribute by making an account that has something to do with Albert. It was started by Albert's Son and was popularized by Edicista (also known as Albert's Tear.) They also normally follow Albert and other people in the community. Some of these people having been featured in videos where Albert does a QnA and some are even followed by him.


These people normally fall into the same category as the Twitter activists as most of these people have a Twitter account to share there art. These people are some of the most famous people in the Flamingo Twitter Fandom as it is common for Albert to retweet art that he likes. During the whole duration of October 2019, many fan-artists gave Albert profile pictures for a day until the day Halloween came, so Albert has respect for the Fan-Artists.

Animation Memes

The last kind of common trait in the Flamingo Fandom are the videos that depict animation memes. They are basically characters doing the same thing over and over again while a popular song plays in the background. Many people have gained millions of views by using this format. They mostly use myths to do the animation memes with and featuring Albert.


The Flamingo Fandom is one of the popular and also the most hated communities out there on Roblox.

Some people think that trollers are a disturbance to people who are just simply playing Roblox for fun. Some people also think that trollers have ruined the Roblox community in its entirety by their annoying use of phrases by Albert like "Still Chill" or "Yo Tengo."

People think that the developers who make the Su Tart games are wasting space for the front page as there could be more games other then the story games. This trend has died down as ironic bully or sad stories have been decreasing lately.

People also have not much respect for the Flamingo art community, as they can create some good art, some people don't because of shipping. A notable example of this is the "Jalbert" shipping with Albert and Jake. It got so bad that they had to split parts and work on there channels as Jake switched to Jayingee and Albert got Kaden.