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Floydmw23 is an account of Albert that he used in ONLINE DATING in ROBLOX 2.


Floydmw23 was an account Albert created because his previous video in the series got popular, so he created his account. He first went to Roblox High School to get a girl. He eventually got a girl and wanted her to go to her bed, but she said "I wouldn't do it in a million years," so he left. He then went Roblox Titantic to get a girl. He then found a girl named Banana280901, however, the ship was about to sink so they stayed together.


When the Titanic sank, he stated that "We haven't really have any luck with woman, and this guy is cursing at me." He then said "I think it's time we end it here," and jumped into the water which made him drown.


  • As Albert states, his username is based on the boxer, Floyd Mayweather Jr.
  • This is the only account in the ONLINE DATING in ROBLOX series that is a male.
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