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"where is vegetables hulk"
— First words said by GOODIHUNTERII when Albert joins a Murder Mystery 2 server.

GOODIHUNTERII is a Roblox user that is most known for his phrase "Vegetables Hulk." He first appeared in Roblox CHEATS I found.


Hunter uses the Robloxian 2.0 bundle with the Really Black color scheme on the head, torso, right arm, and right leg, but uses the Black color scheme for his left arm and left leg. He also uses the Poisonous Beast Mode face.


GOODIHUNTERII is a Roblox user who first appears in Roblox CHEATS I found. In that video, Albert is playing on Mrflimflam whilst showcasing the T-Rex Skeleton bundle he got and joins a server of Murder Mystery 2. In that server, he encounters Hunter repeating the same two words "Vegetables Hulk" which became a meme in the Flamingo Fandom. He was mentioned in ROBLOX MURDER MYSTERY where Albert talks about him and how he kept saying "Vegetables Hulk."

List of Appearances

  • Roblox CHEATS I found...