Goner is a special admin command in Island Life that Albert uses a lot. It originates from BeezelduD's GONER script, and is not to be taken as official Goners lore.


Goner is an admin command which is one of the most used by Albert along with Big Daddy. Goner has been featured in a lot of Albert's videos as Albert uses it as a way to kill/scare unsuspected people in Island Life.


  • Slash || Goner has a blade in his hand at all times and is the most common way Albert kills people in Island Life while using the Goner script.
  • Screech || Goner is capable of screeching, said screech will kill anyone that's nearby.
  • Instant KO Move || Goner has the ability to use a one-hit KO move on anyone. It can be used to kill everyone else in the server.
  • Submerge || Goner Delta's movement is rather slow, so he has the ability to sink into the ground and move around at a much quicker pace.
  • Speak || Goner will say something random, these voice lines most likely come from "The Coronation Day", a Super Mario ROM Hack.

Video Appearances

  • I used Roblox ADMIN to be a MONSTER in the fog...
  • My Roblox ADMIN turned me INTO A MONSTER...
  • With my Roblox admin commands, I TOOK PEOPLE UNDER A GRAVEYARD...
  • I used Roblox ADMIN to make a PET STORE... and I controlled the pets


  • The Goner present in the script is named "Delta".
  • Delta is a combat unit in "The Pits".
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