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The Grocery Gang Show created on 12/2/2019, by 74j is a Roblox Myth game that is a talk show for a myth group known as Grocery Gang and was hosted by 74j. The game made its first and the last debut in I went on Roblox disturbing talk show.... The game was never used again after it debut. The game currently has no players because its only purpose is to host a talk show questioning Albert.


Since Grocery Gang never used the game again, you can only explore the stage or use a camera in your inventory. Which was used in the game debut. On the stage there is two desk with papers and two glasses of water. One of the desk is used by the host of the talk show (74j) and the other is used by Albert. There's two couch for Flamingo to sit and a giant sign with "The Grocery Gang Show" written on it. A smaller sign with the text "Grocery Gang" on 74j's desk and some plants on the stage can be seen. Sometime the curtains close allowing the host and Albert to have a private chat. However, once the curtains open the audience can see their messages. Albert was asked a series of questions e.g. What do you think got you to your position?, How do you treat your fans?, etc. All the while Albert's fans are watching.


  • The game is one of 2 talk show Albert had been in.