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Grocery Gang Show is a location where Talk show hosted by 74j was created. The Grocery Gang debuted in I went on Roblox disturbing talk show... Grocery Gang exact location is not necessary known. The location was not really decorated as there Audience seats and stage with chairs and desks. There also Stage Light and working Curtain.


Albert was invited to Talk show by Grocery Gang Group. 74j host talk show and question Albert. Why is your Channel name Albert? Which Albert reply because he Flamingo. He also question Albert on when he started Flamingo Channel. Albert reply to 2 year ago. 74j then question Albert if they like Grocery gang. Albert did not respond. So 74j threaten Albert with a sword and Albert responded with "I THINK THERE VERY GOOD." 74j question what he think about his fans. Albert responded that he hate all of them and said it as a joke. Then curtain closed. 74j then discuss with Albert that his fans discovered some of Vending Machines. He reveal he only found 2 Vending Machine so far. They also discuss about Picasso. Curtain open and 74j question Albert about G0Z and AloneTraveler. 74j then let his fans ask questions. After that talk show ended.


  • 74j



  • I went on Roblox disturbing talk show...