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Hakka701 is a Roblox player that used to make raps at "Roblox Rap Battles".


Roblox NOOB confessed her love for me... IN FRONT OF EVERYONE

In the "Roblox Rap Battles" game, Albert tried to date Hakka as a joke with the Coolmario83222 account, but accidentally got her attention. In a Rap Battle against coolkillerguard, She sang about she likes Coolmario and how he makes her heart melt, instead of actually rapping.

Later she starts hating bacons for no reason and disses them in a Rap Battle against other player. She then starts a Rap battle against Coolmario8322, Albert says he doesn't like hakka, and Hakka wonders how he knows his name. Albert then takes the opportunity and raps about how he is a Hacker and his dad at the same time thus he knows her name. Albert leaves the game after a lot of bad rapping from Hakka701, but accepts her friendship request.