This article is about the Roblox account. For information relating to the owner of the account, see Kaden

Jokerkid5898 is an account belonging to Kaden, one of Albert's friends. He is the owner of Robloxian Myth Hunters.


Jokerkid5898 wears the Crimson Catseye, which covers the entirety of his head, the Halloween Checkered Bow Tie, and the Wanwood Back Guitar. He also wears the Town Torso 28 T-shirt.


The Jokerkid5898 account was started on November 24th, 2010 where almost a year later he made Robloxian Myth Hunters , the most popular myth group on Roblox. Jokerkid5898 still myth-hunted for a while but eventually retired from it. Kaden also mentioned in a video about playing games made by his friends that he and Real KingBob were friends in a military group.


Jokerkid5898 is the Roblox account owned by Kaden who is most known for being the creative director of the Flamingo channel. He continued to play Roblox and eventually got hired at the Flamingo channel. Jokerkid5898 is still controlled by Kaden and is seen on his channel named Kaden Fumblebottom.



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