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"ALL HAIL MOUSEMANJEFF" - Albert Aretz, 2020

"I you a fan"

'are you a fan of denis"


"Fight me"

"Just follow me"

"No me"

"No i am mousemanjeff"

"Im you"

"But youre me"

"is there ### (supposedly said as other) mousemanjeff?"

"is that you mousemanjeff"



Mousemanjeff ia a ROBLOX user that was seen I stole ROBLOX NOOB'S lives using ADMIN and ruined them... where Albert used admin commands to pose as him to say terrible things and really confusing him. Albert later on morphed everyone into him and he seemed scared as he stayed quiet for a bit and left. He is also a big DenisDaily fan and later a fan of Albert as well.


In Albert's video, he is seen wearing Blue and Black Motorcycle Shirt, Black Jeans, Stylish Aviators, Brown Charmer Hair, and I love cats T-shirt.

His current Avatar is seen wearing Junkbot - Torso, Oliver - Right Arm, Knights of Redcliff: Paladin - Left Arm, Classic Male v2 Both legs, Happy New Year Rat, Knights of Redcliff: Paladin - Head, And the Chill Face.


  • He is a DenisDaily Fan.
  • He has not joined the Flamingo Fan club, but its safe to assume he knows Albert by his current avatar.
  • He wants to know if people like denis.