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Popcornlady1238 was a game developer on Roblox who is most well-known for starting the Su Tart character.


Popcornlady1238 is mostly known for the game Sad Story that was featured in Albert’s video Roblox's most trash sad stories :'( {NOT CHILL} and being the original creator of character known as Su tart. Due to all the grammatical errors in the story and how Albert memed about it, her creation has spawned a trend with ironic bully and sad stories. She has also became one of Albert's friends on his friendlist and still is to this day. She has also shut down the Sad Story of where Su tart debuted in. The reasons for the game's shutdown is unknown.

Creations of Popcornlady1238


  • It is possible that the reason for her grammatical errors are because her first language is German, which can be seen on her profile description.

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