ROBLOX SANATORIUM is a video on the Flamingo  channel that was uploaded on September 4, 2019.


The video begins with Albert introducing the game. He is on a secret account known as LucaStar for the whole video. Shortly after entering the game, he runs into Yamaha and Subaru, a Japanese couple (one could assume so, anyways) who stick with Luca for the entire video as well. They head to De Pride Isle Sanatorium  and are greeted by the couple's son, who escaped the facility they sent him to. The son had gotten a job as a transgender nurse there. NOTE: Yamaha and Subaru's whole "son" thing is essentially the plot of Finding Nemo, but, you know, darker. The son carries Subaru away, and Luca follows after them to retrieve him. Nightfall occurs in the middle of it, and Albert reacts to the sight of a cannibal in disgust. He then runs into some nurses who whack him and take him to a dorm. In the dorm, he finds the couple again as they come back to him, along with some cannibals. An alarm then goes off, and they all are forced to run to a bunker, nearly killing Luca in the process. In the dorm, Luca's arm begins twitching. They then leave the bunker in the morning, and eventually make their way to the lecture hall, where they run into Valindra. Luca gives a speech reminiscent of a Roblox soldier video. (The speech that Luca gives is, "We can has can, we can have now, let us pray for safety, a moment for holiness, our actions are stronger than any words I could provide.") After the speech, they go out into the lake outside the sanatorium. Due to the blurs Luca had, he sees a bunch of corpses floating in the lake. He then dips his toe in and dies. He makes it back by nightfall, but Yamaha had become a cannibal. He was forced to flee the room and was attacked several times in the hallway. Luca attempted to eat something before he was knocked out and eaten.

Other Links and Trivia

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  • The video was recorded before the game was taken down by ROBLOX due to cannibalism and gore. In the second video he made on this game,spiders take their place.
  • Kirsten introduced Albert to the game.
  • Because of Flamingo’s popularity, the game received a spike in traffic, which is likely what got it taken down by Roblox, but to this day there is a little Flamingo outside the Sanatorium and one of the dishes is Roasted Flamingo, referred to as Roasted Albert, likely both references to Albert’s visit.
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