smile2381 is a minor character shown in USING ROBLOX COMMANDS TO BULLY PEOPLE. He roleplayed as "TV Kid".

Albert and Jake found TV Kid (smile2381) at the spawn at the Adopt and Raise a Cute Kid game when they where flinging an ODer who played copyrighted music.

They asked him if he had Nickelodeon and/or Cartoon Network, in which he responded yes.

They start smiting him with admin commands and doing a "stormy outside" joke.

Albert & Jake came to TV Kid and asked him to play some good stuff.

They joke around harmlessly by "hitting" him a couple of times (they used the game's emotes), until Albert starts shooting The General's 45 gear at TV Kid.

TV puts "goof stuff" (mispelled as "good stuff"), but Albert refused, still shooting him.

Albert kills TV Kid by exploding him and sending him bad threats to him.

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