"Others may see him as styrofoam, but to you he’s real... and you’ll do anything he tells you to."
Diesoft's description of Styrofoam Ninja on his UGC accessory.

Styrofoam Ninja is one of the styrofoam heads created by Albert in the Albert / Flamingo's new friend : ) video.


In the Albert / Flamingo's new friend : ) video, Albert brings several styrofoam heads to his room and decides he wants to make a entire species of male and female styrofoam heads. He then decides to make a styrofoam head based on the Fortnite player Ninja.

Albert uses a normal styrofoam head and tries to make it similar to Ninja, painting blue hair on him, adding pupils, eyebrows and a mouth. Albert also accidentally makes him bleed in the nape and eye using the red color.

along with Styrofoam Ninja, Albert also creates Styrofoam Sonic and Happy Boyfriend.


on 1st of July, DieSoft released a shoulder type UGC item based on Styrofoam Ninja by the name of "Styrofoam Companion". While the Felipe UGC is used as hat, Styrofoam Companion is used on the shoulder.

Albert talked about the item on We made a disturbing Roblox hat.... The rest of the video was him walking around while using the item.

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