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Su Tart is the main antagonist of the Roblox story game (camping game) Attack on Albert.


Su tart is a alternate version of the original Su Tart which, unlike his original counterpart, is a villain who seeks to kill the players and forces Albert to help him.


In Fictional Albert's video, Su tart is seen on his monster form kidnapping Fictional Albert. Su tart then manages to take control of Albert's mind, turns him into a giant and forces him to do stuff such as destroying ChillVille's walls and trying to kill the players.

Near the end of Attack on Albert, Albert and Shamrokz are forced to fight Su tart on his true form. Su tart tries to kill them by using flying swords and lava but it doesn't work.

After some time, Giant Albert throws McChillington at Su Tart, making both fall in lava and drown to death. McChillington somehow survives but Su tart dies there.

Powers and Abilities

  • Flight: This version of Su tart is capable of flying, most likely because of his dark wings the original su tart doesn't have.
  • Mind Control: Su tart is able to mind control others, as he mind controlled Albert and used him on his favor to destroy ChillVille's walls and try to murder players. However, this power is limited as he was only able to control Albert for a a few minutes.
  • Invocation of Swords: He is able to create as many swords he can and at the same time swing all of them at once.
  • Disguise: Su tart is able to change his shape to look like a monster.



  • Attack on Albert's Su Tart is the third evil version of Su Tart in the Flamingo channel, with the first two being traT uS and Dark Su Tart