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Survival The Sonic the killer (Formerly, Survival Spongebob the killer) is a game made by Albert in Making a TRASH Roblox game popular with advertisements... to rival the famous Survival The Jeff The Killer.The game features a slightly more yellow and buff Spongebob, in which the player (protagonist) must avoid getting killed by. The game features power-ups, morphs and hats, because it's "everything that everyone has ever loved" according to Albert. Albert got a warning on the SurvivalGameDev account /5/21 for making the game, related to Spongebob.



The game made it to the front page of Roblox Top Rated with 146K+ upvotes and over 18K+ downvoting's. Several big YouTubers such as LazarBeam and Kindly Keyin made videos covering the game, giving it additional traction.

Game Changes

In a video named, I have to delete my big Roblox game. In this video, Jandel warns Albert about a bunch of Roblox games getting deleted, due to having anything related to Spongebob, due to copyright laws. Albert decides to change up his game, Survival The Spongebob the killer.


The game got deleted by Viacom, even tho Albert changed everything. Albert talks about it in I got a warning on Roblox.... He talked about how game got deleted and pointed out that Viacom does not own Sonic.


  • The game was featured in a LazarBeam video.
  • On February 7, 2020, Albert edited the game and added many secrets to the game. (Along with insults to noobs)
  • The game was inspired by the TV show Spongebob Squarepants by Stephan Hillenburg and the game Survival the Jeff the Killer by Caetanoazambuja.
  • On October 2, 2020, Albert posted a video called "I have to delete my roblox game" where he changed his game name to survival sonic the killer, but all the aspects of the game remain the same.
  • At some point, the roblox game got taken down after October 2, 2020 due to copyright infringement, and laws.