Not to be confused with Survivor or Survival The Jeff The Killer.

Survival the Albert the killer (formerly known as "Survive Albert") is a game by Albert that was developed by Jandel and NeverTrustBob. Jandel has spent hours on making the game. There have been numerous updates after.


You spawn on a grass baseplate with mountains and trees everywhere. There is a chill monster on the hill made out of snow and ice.

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Jeeps are everywhere and multiple Felipe heads will try to chase you, as well as a huge Albert head trying to eat you. You can go into the toilet or the Ferris wheel, be a Temprist head, be an Albert head, be a tiny Cleetus, become a radio or a washing machine in the game as well.

Game passes

Big Radio (25 Robux): turns you into a big radio and lets you play any music ID.

Be Albert (100 Robux): Allows you to become an Albert head and eat players.

Mega Speed (25 Robux): Allows you to become Temprist head and gain super speed.

Tiny Cleetus(18 Robux): Turns you into Cleetus and shrinks you to a tiny size.

Su tart (22 Robux): Allows you to become a Su Tart head and jump very high.

Spawn 25 Felipe (25 Robux): Spawns 25 Felipes into the map. (You will have to buy it again if you want to spawn another 25 Felipes.)


  • If you are a Temprist head, Radio or Albert head, you cannot climb ladders.
  • Everytime you transform into a head, your health fully regenerates.
  • If you die but quickly transform into a head, you'll still be able to walk and kill players for a few seconds before respawning.
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