Not to be confused with Survive Albert or Survival The Jeff The Killer.

Survivor is a Roblox game based on the reality game show, Survivor.


When the game starts, you spawn in the main lobby and go to the pad to start the game. After choosing your name, you go on a boat where the host explains what the game is about. You then choose the mode and pick the leader of the tribe who picks their members. After that, various challenges begin where your team tries to win to avoid elimination. When 10 people are left, the game does a merge where everyone is on the same team and win for themselves. When 3 people are left, the jury, which is made up of three players who just got eliminated, will vote to decide who gets to win, leading to one of the three players winning the game.


  • This is the first game Albert played with the word "Survive" in it.
  • this is a real game show in real life
  • It is one of the games that Albert played the most as he always finds creative ways to spice the games to his liking

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