Sutart Pizzeria



Sutart's Pizzeria is a fictional location in the restaurant Five Nights at Sutart's. The pizzeria is large and most of the material that is used to build the Pizzeria is Pebble, which Albert played. Sutart's Pizzeria contains the Security Office which is used for monitoring the animatronics. There also 2 doors which can be lockable but waste electricity, which is shown on the electric meter. The electric meter is located in the office. The doors are used to keep animatronics outside the Office and Stage 2. The first stage shows Sutart, Hot Anime Babe and Depressed Scooby Doo. The second stage shows Duolingo, who is covered in blood. The Pizzeria also contains a kitchen.


The Pizzeria doesn't have much security, considering there are no cameras, leaving the security guard to just explore the pizzeria, and is forced check on the animatronics. The Security Guard is only armed with a flashlight.




  • This game is based off FNAF.
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