"I smell thanos"
— Temprist in the Christmas Special, 2018.

Temprist (born March 12th, 2002) (formerly known as Lemon7squeez) is one of Albert's friends who makes his first major appearance in This Roblox game dev has people do something really weird.


While Temprist has many avatar appearances, the one in the photo contains Temprist with the Bright yellow skin and the Superhero bundle. He most commonly known for Maldark Mask - Level Up Prize, accompanied with the Quil Coif. He wears his own clothes called the Temprist Dress Shirt and the Temprist Dress Pants. He is also depicted to be holding a Pepperoni Pizza.


Temprist is a friend of Real_KingBob which lead him to be friends with Albert. Before he was friends with Albert, he joined him a lot of when he was in a game similar to that of AppleCakeFan100. Temprist now appears alongside Albert in his videos like in Someone made Roblox BOT accounts to SPY ON ME.... More recently, he did a voice reveal [1] and appeared alongside Albert in a video called Roblox went offline and gave us a really creepy message where they play Flee The Facility until there internets started to crash and the Roblox website gave Temprist a disturbing message.




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