The Cult Family is a group of Roblox users that are affiliated with Albert.


The Cult Family is a Roblox myth of many people that started back in 2012 when it was created by SmithCult. More members were progressing like DavidCult, JackCult, and EmmettCult just to name a few. SmithCult was then terminated somewhere in 2014 for mild language. Currently, MartinCult is the owner of The Cult Family.

Notable Members

  • SmithCult (creator)
  • MarthaCult (wife of SmithCult)
  • EmmettCult (adopted member)
  • JohnCult (Brother of SmithCult)
  • DavidCult (Son of SmithCult and MarthaCult)
  • BrandonCult (Other son of SmithCult and MarthaCult)
  • JackCult (Adopted son of EmmettCult)
  • GrandpaCult (Grandfather of SmithCult)
  • MorsCult (adopted member)
  • BobbyCult (adopted member)
  • MartinCult (friend and current owner)
  • AkaManah (demon summoned by MartinCult)
  • ArthurCult (TBA)
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