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The Cult Family is a group of Roblox users that are affiliated with Albert.


The Cult Family is a Roblox myth of many people that started back in 2012 when it was created by SmithCult. More members were progressing like DavidCult, JackCult, and EmmettCult just to name a few. SmithCult was then terminated somewhere in 2014 for mild language. Currently, MartinCult is the owner of The Cult Family.

The Cult Family also have an affiliation with the player FrankCalt and [ERROR, DATA CORRUPT]

Notable Members

  • SmithCult (creator)
  • MarthaCult (wife of SmithCult)
  • EmmettCult (adopted member)
  • JohnCult (Brother of SmithCult)
  • DavidCult (Son of SmithCult and MarthaCult)
  • BrandonCult (Other son of SmithCult and MarthaCult)
  • JackCult (Adopted son of EmmettCult)
  • GrandpaCult (Grandfather of SmithCult)
  • MorsCult (adopted member)
  • BobbyCult (adopted member)
  • MartinCult (friend and current owner)
  • AkaManah (demon summoned by MartinCult)
  • ArthurCult (TBA)