The Days Union is a Roblox myth group that Albert has hunted.


The Days Union is a futuristic-like group ran by Great Day that tests on people for some reason. They have a rival in group named The Night Coalition who is more hostile then The Days Union. They have many operatives based on human emotions which are all controlled by Great_Day. They also have a realm to another place where creature inhabit the place. They are called The Wanderers Of The Field.


Members of The Days Union and there ranks. (not counting the Civilians.)

  • Scary_Day (Operative)
  • Dreadful_Day (Operative)
  • Dynamic_Day (Operative)
  • The Night Coalition people (Conscript)
  • Dawn people (Conscript)
  • The_Found3r (Allies)
  • ExiledWanderer (Test Subject)
  • 1ik (Test Subject)
  • afcdeg1 (Test Subject)
  • unidentifiedbrick (Test Subject)
  • Specimen people (Test Subject)
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