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The Smiles Family is a family of people that debut in Roblox, The Smiles Family....


The Smiles Family is a family that lives in Hallam, Connecticut on an island. Beyond the island, there is a place called "Cemetery Island" where its a cemetery (as the name implies.) A lot of people have died on the island, leading to the creation of Cemetery Island. They still roam the house as seen in Sleeping over Roblox's SMILES FAMILY house....


Members of the Smiles Family household.

Diamond Eyes........

  • DanStickman (adoptive father of Seth, Matthew, and Clair)



Not finished.

Date About
July 20th, 1936 There was a party on Hallam Island

Connecticut. Roy and Lloyd attended the party. Lloyd found Roy's dead body outside the house where the party took place. Diamond then introduces himself. Roy turned out to suffocate himself according to Diamond. Diamond offered Lloyd to do what he says and he can bring Roy back to life. Lloyd agrees not knowing that his action will kill everyone inside the house. He goes to the Basement and creates a severe gas pipe leak in the house. Everyone in the house died. Lloyd then gets possessed by Diamond.

??? Nancy Smile and Leo Smile died in a car crash that was caused by Diamond.
July 7th, 1966 Robert's father was lecturing his son for an unknown reason.
November 27th, 1994 Albert accepts the invitation from Robert to Smile Household. Albert then proceeds to search cemetery island. Albert then decided to visit the Smile Household. When Albert got to the household. Robert introduces him to Clair, Matthew, and Seth. Albert then gets a tour from Robert. After Robert shows Albert his office. The house began to shake because the boiler was set off. Albert and Robert then fix Boiler before it could explode. Robert then orders Matthew and Clair to go back to their room, so Robert and Albert can talk. They talk about Leo Smile and Nancy Smile Death until it was night. Robert offers Albert to sleep in their household for the night. Albert accepted the offer and sleep on the couch. Roy then appears and orders Albert to follow him. He then orders Albert to take a Shovel from Storage Shed. Roy then takes Albert to Cemetery Island to threaten Albert's orders, Albert, to dig up graves. Which are Leo Smile and Nancy Smile grave. They then go back to the Household to get the key for the basement. They go to the basement and Roy sets the boiler off. Seth then goes downstairs to ask Albert to go with him to the bathroom because there something in the bathroom. Then ghosts of people who died at the masquerade party appear downstairs. Then phone ring and Seth go down to answer it. The person who was calling them told them were gonna die. Matthew, Clair, and Seth go to their room upstairs. Robert then came down to the diner and talk to Roy who Albert did not see. Robert then falls. Seth, Clair, and Mathew then come downstairs to see Robert laying on the floor. They decided not to wake him up. The Trios then when back up to their rooms They went down to get Albert out of the island. But the Boat engines are busted. They discuss who should wake up Robert. Matthew decided to wake up Robert. They did not know that Robert was possessed. Matthew wakes up Robert and Robert walk to get an ax. Albert and Trio decided to lock themselves in Robert's Office. Robert then breaks down the Office door using Axe. Robert then became himself and tell trios to run. Robert then commits Suicide. Roy then appears and asks Albert to give them Trios. Dan then came to the household because he saw flames and adopted the kids.
??? After Several Years Later. Albert gets invited by Dan to his Diner. Albert accepted the invitation. Albert then gets to meet Trios again. Dan then orders Matthew and Seth to go sit with Clair. Dan and Albert had a conversation about the Trio. Dan then tells Clair to reveal her drawing that her instinct made her do. Dan then asks Albert to figure out what does drawing means. Clair and Dan then go to the Restroom. Lloyd then appears and walks to the diner counter. Lloyd then asks Albert what he wants a drink and Albert said "Milk.". Lloyd then gave Albert milk. They have a conversation and Lloyd warns Albert to not interfere with Smile Family. Lloyd then disappears. Seth and Matthew notice that Albert was talking to someone. Albert answer "Someone that work here." But Matthew and Seth seem confused because nobody working at Dan Diner right now. Then the Diner light turns off. 6njm then reveals himself and warns Albert to not help Smile Family. The light then went back on. Seth and Matthew come to Diner. Albert thought the fixed light but they deny that they did not. Dan and Clair come back from the Restroom. Dan offer Albert some food and Matthew insulted Albert. Dan then lectures Matthew. Albert then gets questioned by Seth about Robert and Smile Family Household. Trio and Dan then exited Diner. Albert then gets warned by 6njm again to not help Smile Family. Albert then left Diner. Albert, Unequip, and Temprist figure out what Clair Drawing mean which is "Birth of Street". Seth and Clair go to Diner and Albert enter the "302908." code to the room with a lock. Seth, Clair, and Albert then proceed to enter a tunnel in the room. The tunnel leading to an underground room with drawings on the wall. Seth and Clair argue. Seth proclaimed that they should go back to Smile Family household.
November 10th 2013 Albert was invited by Seth, Clair, and Matthew to Dan Diner to investigate the Diner. They then proceed to the underground room. Dan then joins the server. Dan confront Trios and Albert about what they were doing down here. Dan then reveals that he built the room to terminate something. DAn then privately talks to Albert about Robert. Albert then gets teleported to an unknown location and gets confronted by Diamond, who with Robert(Possessed), Roy and Lloyd. Diamond offer Albert to kill the Trios for exchange Dhyrbfyty will be revived. Albert accepted the offer and Diamond teleport him back to the underground room. Trios then get taken. Dan and Albert then get out of Diner and go to the island. When they got to the island. Dan apologizes for bringing Albert into this situation. Dan pulled out a gun and explained that bullets in the gun can harm Diamond. Albert and Dan proceed to ruin the household. They drop in a huge hole. They then saw Roy and Lloyd who were guarding Trios cell. Dan explained their plan to get past them. Albert will distract Roy and Lloyd. When they are not paying attention. Dan will shoot them. Albert then distracts Roy and Lloyd. Roy and Lloyd then get shot by Dan. Trios were then free. There was a gate with a code. Clair opens the door using code. "The Party never end." Then enter maze gate was guarding. Clair remembers her drawing maze. Clair then led the way. Dan then tells everyone that he left a note in the basement and Seth questions who Dan is. Then the body of Robert appear and they ran. Fake Robert tries to manipulate Dan. Dan explained that they use Robert's body like a skin suit. They then find their way out of Maze. Diamond and Dan then have a conversation. Dan then gets killed by Diamond. Trios then get captured again by Diamond. Diamond then shows Albert the pit and explained that whoever drops in the pit shall erase all existence. Diamon then tries to take control of Albert's body in case Albert tries to save the Trio. Matthew then gets crush by a falling pillar killing him. Seth then pulls out Dan's gun and was about to shoot but was manipulated by Diamond to shoot Fake Robert and Robert's fake Wife. Clair then warns Seth not to shoot them. Seth then shoots them wasting the last bullet. Diamond then attempts to take control of Albert again. Then the Gorilla Creator of the Universe enter Albert's mind and explained that he gonna sacrifice himself to give Albert power so Albert can take control of his body again. Albert then takes control of his body and pushes Diamond into the pit.