Tifany Mayumi's Revenge

Tiffany Mayumi's Revenge is a Horror Roblox Game made by Loloriz.


When you start the game, Bully pushes Tiffany Mayumi into the river, and the Bully says yo tengo. Then you are teleported to creepy place, there are pictures of amigos/amigas (friends) which shows a minion and Lukas Kenji, and there is Siguiente (next) and it shows Albert, Jake and the Player. Then there is ta ext that says "turn around", then Tiffany Mayumi shows up and says "Hello amigos, this is... TIFFANY MAYUMI and you should buy this product. also, I recommend subscribing to Loloriz on YouTube. And then Tiffany Mayumi gets you, and it shows the ending Screen. There will an alternate ending where using Robux, you will be able to buy the rocket gun. If you do that, Tiffany Mayumi will run around crazily. If you shoot her with the rocket gun, Tiffany Mayumi will die and it shows the Ending Screen.

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