Toilet Paper Man is a superhero that Albert first used in Roblox's new superhero... toilet paper man.


Toilet Paper Man is a superhero who brings people Toilet Paper when they don't have any. In the beginning of his debut video, he goes around in MeepCity chasing people and making the same joke (which is "I will be your mummy.") When he tells it to one person, they run away in fear of they have seen. He then joins a game where he tries to get toilets to love him by doing a ritual. He then goes to join other toilet related games, but when he joined the first one, turds started to attack him and eventually ganged up on him and killed him. He then tries to get on the leaderboard and is successful so he leaves. He then joins a game called "Boys and Girls Toilet" and goes to bathroom then leaves. He then joins a game where he slides down into toilets but he falls down into the skybox and dies. A few seconds later, the people from I Spy an Alberto find him but then leave. He then gets to the second stage after completing the first one but he fails and is sent back to the start with the fans but he eventually completes the first stage again. He then tries to find out who tested out the game and tries to make him a celebrity. He then goes into a Life in Paradise like game to use admin commands so he can troll. He then changes the entire town to be toilet paper so he can turn people into it and make them eat it.


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