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MoLovesRainbows' saying the iconic line

Ugly scp tato (First stated as tato ugly scp) are words spoken by a person named MoLovesRainbow in the video literally roblox's worst rappers ever.


When Albert was in a Rap Battles game, a person named MoLovesRainbow said Tato Ugly Scp, as well as scp ugly tato and ugly scp tato, but then corrected the famous lines and said Ugly Scp Tato. When Albert was up against somebody, Albert started to spam Ugly Scp Tato and won the rap battle even though the original creator got mad at him.


In ROBLOX ALBERT SCP FACILITY... Albert plays a fanmade game called Ugly Scp Tato Facility. In the game, it parodies the SCP-genre of containing creatures. The creatures here are SCP-650, Green Screen Man, and Su tart. The game was named after the famous meme that MoLovesRainbow created.


  • When she says "Ugly Scp Tato," she could possibly mean SCP-173 who has the appearance of a statue but can be mistaken for a potato.
  • Ugly Scp Tato is Albert's favorite meme on the Flamingo channel.