XOMQ_TESSAq is an account that Albert used in several videos.


Brickmanman was made in the middle of 2008 by presumably Albert, who left the account inactive.

I became a TERRIBLE employee at Roblox target

Twelve years later Albert decides to use brickmanman to troll customers and employees on a Roblox Target store. Albert started to troll a user named Its_Bayleex1 by having brickmanman be rude to her, calling her fat. Albert desides to mess with Its_Bayleex1 even more by being nice to all the customers except her. Albert leaves the server after he insults a player named DragonSwordPower, who he realizes was a high-ranked Target employee.

After leaving the server, Albert changes brickmanman's name to jennysoooepic, brickmanman's gender and his look to that DragonSword wouldn't be able to catch on to his mischievous actions and ban him from the Target server. Albert starts to troll a player named All_Allat, who has cap lock on without knowing what caps are by having jennysoooepic tell him to talk more and have an admin come in the server and ban him. While waiting, Albert encounters a bacon hair employee yelling at an Indonesian player who wants a water bottle and is now annoyed that the employee is being slow. Albert's plan to get All_Allat banned fails when no admin joins the game so he returns to All_Allat says to him that he had won and then gives him two reports for using all caps. All_Allat notices this and tells Albert to stop warning him, not realizing he turned his cap lock off. Albert discovers that he was unranked and banned from the Target game after being reported of false warnings.

However, Albert is able to get unbanned from the server after changing her name to gsrefdt434. Albert is unable to get back his Board of Directors rank and ends up buying a Store manager rank. With this rank, Albert gives false warnings to random people using gsrefdt434 and ends up kicking two people for basically no reason.

Normal Roblox games... that sell guns for some reason

After Albert is unable to join National Park Hotstone Roleplay as bingbingbeep since any account that joins National Park Hotstone Roleplay has to be at least a month old. Unable to use bingbingbeep, Albert desides to use gsrefdt343 and buys gun gamepasses. When Albert joins National Park Hotstone Roleplay there is no one there for a bit until someone joins. Albert hides from the player in an alley and shows the guns he has and prepares to use them but the player left. With the National Park Hotstone Roleplay servers inactive, Albert minimizes the screen and reveals that gsrefdt434 somehow got the rank Board of Directors on the Target Store group. Albert then shows a hospital game that has reanks that have guns. When Albert returns to the National Park Hotstone Roleplay server he is on he finds that a noob has joined. Albert decides to shoot to the noob in the head, killing her instantly.

Albert comes back and discovers that there are more people in the game so he gets a car and drives off. Gsrefdt434 finds a park ranger named Spottyjrr and asks him where the best spot to camp is. When Spottyjrr shows gsrefdt434 the best camping spot, he kills him with and uzi. Gsrefdt434 drives off in Spottyjrr's car and encounters him again and kills him again. Gsrefdt434 escapes with a blaack pickup truck.

Albert changes gsrefdt434's name to Joblesgreg22222 so he could rejoin National Park Hotstone Roleplay again but not be recognized. Joblesgreg rejoins the game but is arrested by a ranger named notpay despite looking different and having a different name.

Albert ends up joining a Hospital Roleplay game and buys a gun, Joblesgreg shoots a person and is kicked. Joblesgreg rejoins as a member of the Specialized Response Team, Albert shoots four people and arrested another before being kicked from the game yet again.

Albert decides to join the Target game and troll people on there with his high rank. Joblesgreg causes havoc on the Target game such as arresting people for no reason and bringing everyone to him. Albert makes an annoucment in the Target game as Joblesgreg which simply said that he was making an annoucment. When a store manager joins Joblesgreg ends up leaving. Albert has Joblesgreg say an annoucment that says that children are in a burning Target store. This annoucment, along the other amounts of chaos Joblesgreg has caused made him demotted to a customer.

Albert uses crazycool20081 for the rest of the video instead of Joblesgreg.

Buying Roblox's most expensive admin

At some point in between these videos, Albert renammed Joblesgreg to XOMQ_TESSAq to not be recognized. Albert goes on TESSAq and has her join a group called the Iron Cafe and gave TESSAq 22,000 robux so that she could have the Executive Board gamepass and rank. Upon getting the rank, Albert tests the powers of the Executive Board rank's powers on a server with just one player who Albert calls a Sunscreen Eater dispite the rest of his skin being white as well. Albert ends up unbanning several players on the ban list as TESSAq. Albert attempts to join a popular server as TESSAq but the connection is bad and Albert is unable to join the server. Albert then has TESSAq say in the annoucments that there is blood in the coffee to make the group seem evil. Albert is then able to join a server as TESSAq and gets into some controversy with two lower ranked people most likely due to his annoucement in the group. Albert then has TESSAq spam the phrase "Feeling bored?" in the group announcments, Albert then says that he is going to wait to see how long it will take till TESSAq is banned from Iron Cafe. TESSAq is suspended from Iron Cafe due to the shenanigans Albert did as her.

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