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Yyc4352 is an account used by Albert in the video, This really weird roblox group told me bad things.


Yyc4352 was made in 2008 by Albert, who used yyc as an account on Roblox to catfish people but since Roblox didn't really have any feminine looking hair Albert had to wear a bow to make yyc seem like a female. Yyc joined a group called "Osito we miss you :(" which was a group about a dog that got hit by a truck. The group's admin or leader somehow figured out that yyc was a YouTuber and gave her the rank YouTuber. Albert would give yyc Builder's Club but forge to cancel it for a year.

Albert went on yyc in 2019 after a called Group Recruiting Plaza 4.0 was only accepting accounts of over 30 days old to be able to join due to his other alt, Cool guy129i being younger than 30 days old. Albert discovered that he was paying for one year's worth of builder's club for yyc which was about 70 dollars for him, Albert immediately cancels Builder's Club. Albert goes onto the group Osito we miss you and sees that yyc is a YouTuber rank and announces as yyc that Osito is still dead and immediately leaves the group out of guilt of what he said.

Albert joinsGroup Recruiting Plaza 4.0 as yyc but upon joining the game, yyc's vision is blurred, Albert tries to reset yyc but it doesn't work so Albert leaves the game. Albert joins another server and yyc's vision is now normal, yyc sees a group recruiting called The European Federation of the German Nation and looks at the people there and asks how she can join the group but yyc ultimately decides not to join the group. Yyc goes to a life advice group and asks the person working in the booth named CloutJohn demanding robux from John which confuses him. John goes in his office and yyc follows him but John leaves and locks the door behind him, trapping yyc. Albert buys a customizable sign and yyc uses it to attempt to get someone to save her from John's office but no one comes so yyc resets.

Off-screen, there were people who were jokingly saying that yyc was hot and were flirting with her as a joke so yyc left after Albert had felt bullied.

Albert joins another server as yyc and sees a group that will pay robux to its workers so yyc asks how much robux and woman running the booth says that they only pay heir employee of the month. While talking, a player named friggity starts jokingly flirting with yyc, asking her for her discord, Albert confirms that friggity was one of the people that were harassing yyc before. Yyc later encounters two other players that jokingly flirt with her and ask for her Discord which results in yyc running away from them. Yyc sees that John is in this server and tries to do an obby in the Plaza but dies from one of the lasers. Yyc goes to John's booth and sees a person that says he is depressed and the person leaves, yyc says to put her out of her misery and John says "same" which confuses Albert. Yyc gets asked by a person for her Discord which she gives to the person, when Albert as yyc is added to a group chat he pretends to be an old woman but ends up yelling at the group of people and leaves the group chat.

Yyc finds a door that can teleport people and goes into it which moves her to a new game, Albert announces that he is still alone and still doesn't have friends after the events with yyc. Albert has left yyc abandoned ever since.